Everything inside the shell of the home on Lansdale Street in Danville is either charred or in ashes. Now this family is left with only memories of what was.

Family members didn't want to go on camera but say the couple had just celebrated Christmas and was preparing the heater before heading to bed.

That's when the fire broke out just before 1:00 A.M. A man who is paralyzed wasn't near his wheelchair when the fire spread to his door.

"He knew there was no way he could get out. And he just accepted the fact that he would probably die in this fire. And just as soon as he accepted that fact, he said a window broke and a firefighter dove in the window and came in, scooped him up and brought him out," said Richie Guill, the Assistant Fire Marshal in Danville.

Guill says it started when a woman spilled fuel trying to fill an already lit kerosene heater.

Both people were sent to the hospital with burns. The family dog died in the fire.
Thursday afternoon fire fighters returned to the scene to re examine what happened and what's left. Fires like this one is sadly turning into a trend.

Since last week there have been five house fires in Danville. No two causes were the same but some happened from a heater or an extension cord.

Guill recommends paying close attention to how you heat your home.

"You want to make sure your heating appliance is UL certified. I know that we're all on a budget and we tend to by what's cheaper. A lot of the times that's not the best when it comes to a heater especially if you're going to be sleeping while it's on," Guill said.

He says the best type of heaters are built into the home through central heating. Space heaters that plug into the wall are also less likely to catch fire, but he says, buy from a trusted brand.

Both people who were inside this house are at a North Carolina burn center. Family members tell me they're helping the family find assisted living care.