After five years of searching, a wanted man from Danville is arrested in Pennsylvania.

Arthur Carter is accused of killing two Danville men in 2008.

Monday police arrested him in a small town near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WDBJ7's Justin Ward spoke with the family of one man who was gunned down.

It's been five long years since Tony Howerton last saw his dad alive. He's waited for this day ever since.

"It's one of the greatest Christmas presents for me personally. I know my family is happy about it and so we glad. I never doubted that the person would not get caught,” Howerton said.

Tony says today is an answered prayer.
I broke the news this morning to him that the man accused of killing his father was caught in Pennsylvania.

"I thought it was a prank call, and then I listened and realized this guy is serious here. It was like a wound that was closed and then it opened back up immediately. It opened right back up,” Howerton said.

Monday, police in Olyphant, Pennsylvania arrested Arthur Carter, who was wanted on capital murder charges for the deaths of Tony Howerton, Sr. and his friend, Charles Harris.

"Once we got the information and knew the case was going to go forward we started tracking Mr. Carter whereabouts. We have been in contact with a number of jurisdictions north of us including some in New York City,” Captain Dennis Haley of Danville Police Department said.

Howerton says his father and Harris were on their way to buy a refrigerator when the shooting happened. Emergency crews found his car in Southeast Danville and discovered both men had been shot. Howerton, Sr. and Harris died.

Captain Dennis Haley with the Danville Police Department won't say exactly what led them to Pennsylvania, but says it was a large enough tip to follow.

"We were able to develop new information recently. Based on that information we took it to a grand jury and an indictment was issued,” Haley said.

Howerton says his dad was a generous man who always thought of others before himself. He's now praying for the family of the man accused of killing his father.

"I don't wish bad on the brother who done it, but at the same time I'd like to see justice done,” Howerton said.

Carter now has two options in Pennsylvania, both result in him returning to Danville to face seven charges.


A man is in jail in Pennsylvania and accused of a double murder in Danville back in 2008.

Arthur Carter was arrested in Olyphant, Pa., on Monday. He's facing capital murder charges.

Carter is wanted in Danville for the murders of Tony Howerton and Charles Harris during a robbery. Police found the men with gunshot wounds in a car on Jenny Lane on February 4th, 2008. Both of them died.

WDBJ7 is checking with the jail in Pennsylvania to find out when Carter will be sent back to Danville to face trial.