More than 140 people died last year in Virginia from domestic violence according to advocates from the YWCA of Lynchburg.

Monday advocates from Southern Virginia shared stories and encouraged more people to come forward who are survivors.

It was part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Victims and family members of victims told their story as part of the event.

Amy Matherly shared her experience for the first time publicly. Her husband sexually assaulted her 16 year old daughter with intellectual disabilities. He's now in prison.

Advocates say the more people tell their story, the more help they can get.

"Because if they don't, that person, that predator goes on and gets somebody else. Predators love silence, they can't operate without it. As long as its silent they keep moving from person to person," said Mary Jones, a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.

If you're a survivor of abuse, advocates encourage you to call police and seek medical help and counseling.