When it's cold outside you can guarantee it's busy inside the Danville Salvation Army.

David Terrell, the kitchen manager, says it's the busiest he's ever seen.

"In 20 years I can't remember there being that many people at the door at one time," Terrell said.

One day people were wrapped around the building to get out of the cold.

"They just wanted to get in where in was warm, "Terrell said.

Typically on a Friday, lunch starts at 11:30 and guests are handed a bagged lunch.
The temperature changed that.

Friday chili and a hot sandwich are on the menu.

Every week day staff open up the doors for a free lunch for people who are homeless or low income.

This week they've handed out more soup and sandwiches then they ever have before.

"Oh man it was awesome coming here," said Jame Wagstaff.

He comes to the Salvation Army pretty often for a hot meal. He's one of the lucky ones in this group, he has a home, he has heat, but needed some extra warmth today.

"My running water in my faucet doesn't work because of frozen pipes," said Wagstaff. "I was just coming to wash my hands and, you know, a warm bite to eat."

The volunteers providing his meal are working double time. Churches are posting signs for more places to stay warm. Anything to help these folks in the extreme temperatures.

"We do let them come in a little earlier and stay a little later and we crank the heat up just a little bit warmer, just to ease their burden," said Danville Salvation Army Co-Captain Janice Dahlin.