Between the cobblestone streets and blocks of old tobacco warehouses. Behind the Danville Science Center's brick building, is this thing.

"We've been told it looks like a space ship. Almost like a flying saucer," said Sonya Wolen, the assistant director at the Danville Science Center.

It's unique. But covered within that shiny armor is something even more fascinating.

It's a world all its own and something new to Southern Virginia.Call it a dome theater or a planetarium the staff calls it fun.

"I'm just glad to be able to share it with the whole community." Wolen said.

Holding seating for a large group, the high powered projectors can blast the audience from a quiet tobacco district into outer space or on a wild ride with a butterfly.

It looks out of place but at least it draws curiosity, which is all part of its purpose, as curious minds come to learn.

"Sit in the cosmos with us. Travel to places they may never be able to journey in real life and have that experience and hopefully spark questions about it that will cause them to pursue various courses of study, various careers," Wolen said.

The theater shows students or really anyone what books can't.\

Though it doesn't quite fit in, the stay says it's definitely a step forward in Danville's future.

"In a way it symbolizes the direction that Danville is going, the growth we're experiencing, the transition from the old into the new," Wolen said.

The next closest dome theater is in Greensboro, North Carolina. This one officially opens tomorrow.

Ticket prices are post on their website by clicking here.