The drowning death of a Virginia Tech wrestler is raising questions about safety.

The Blackbsurg Rescue Squad says Darren Hankins drowned in a Blacksburg pond on private property around 6:30 last night.

Hankins was 21 and lived in Chespeake.

Most of the students and residents in Blacksburg tell WDBJ7 they know about the quarry and its cliffs that are stories high.

All those students also know it's illegal to swim there.   Because it's on private property, students typically have to trespass to get there.

We're told many students park and walk along railroad tracks, which is also illegal, when they go to jump off the cliffs and swim.

It's still unclear if Hankins and his friends had permission to be on the property.

The Sheriff's Office says this appears to be accidental, Hankins friends reported him struggling in the water before going under.

The Sheriff's Office says when the weather gets warmer, it gets more trespassing calls to the property.

We're told the owner does allow swim teams and others to swim in this big quarry with permission.

We're told the owner doesn't live on the property, but that he has put up fencing and "No Trespassing" signs to keep students off.

Some students did say they've been there and haven't felt unsafe, saying it's just something a lot of students at Tech "just do."

Some Blacksburg residents say they know about it, and just don't mess with it.

"Yeah. Of course it's dangerous. Common sense tells you it's dangerous, you're jumping off a cliff into water," said Blacksburg resident Emanuel Alexander, "it's definitely not the safest thing to do."

The university and athletic department released statements saying this was a great tragedy, Hankins was a great young man and their hearts and prayers go out to his family.

We're told the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is still investigating as to what exactly happened.