If you saw the convoy of local, state, and federal police vehicles in downtown Roanoke today, nothing was wrong.

It was just a big effort for one Roanoke to have a special day.

Josh Levering is a patient at Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital.  This morning he was sworn in as a special agent.

Then he got his first mission, to find Dr. Evil and his own back up team of real-life state police and federal agents were by his side.

The nine-year-old says today was one he'll never forget.

"This is the top, the best day I've ever had," Josh said. He also told us his favorite thing was hitting the sirens whenever he wanted while he was in the convoy of vehicles.

The event raises awareness for the Carilion Clinic Children's hospital.

The head of the Carilion Children's Hospital says the goal is to get people in our region to know that these resources are so close,

"Attention to the children's hospital to the great things that we do that our community is often unaware of," said Dr. Alice Ackerman.

For the special agents with the state and federal government who participate, this is a great way to give back.

Scot Rittenberg with the Department of Homeland Security told us, "To be able to help someone like Josh have an exciting day, the best day of his life is very important to us."

DHS Special Agent Hunter Durham loves being able to throw his efforts behind this means a lot, "I personally feel like it's the most worthy cause we can support."