Rainy weather has caused delays, but a new amphitheater and other improvements are now coming into focus at Roanoke's Elmwood Park.  No matter where you turn on the construction site, you can see major improvements are now taking shape.

Recent weather hasn't made it easy. Construction crews have lost about 3 weeks to rain, but work on the amphitheater is progressing. And you can now see just how substantial the stage and seating area will be.

Steve Buschor is Roanoke's Director of Parks and Recreation. "It was probably several weeks ago, that I walked out into the amphitheater and looked at the stage, and then I walked up on the stage and looked out into the amphitheater and really kind of struck me as wow this is really a performance amphitheater, something that we've obviously needed for years and years and years," Buschor told us. "And it's all coming to fruition."

Friday afternoon, workers were laying brick pavers in the plaza between the public library and the Social Security Administration building.

Crews have been working hard to get that part of the project done, and the new pedestrian area there should open next week.