A WDBJ7 crew left a press conference just about an hour ago in Martinsville where police said they're investigating the death of man who may have been responsible for several crimes in the area.

Those crimes include armed robbery.  A tip led police to a home in the 100 block of Pony Place.  Officers attempted to reach the person locked inside, when they knocked on the door, they heard one gunshot.

They immediately called in a SWAT team who stormed the house and found a man dead in a back room.

It's not clear if the victim is the suspect police are looking for.

Stay with WDBJ7 for the latest on this developing story.


We're following a developing story out of Martinsville.

There's a heavy police presence at along Pony Place.

We have a crew on the scene who tells us the SWAT team has just arrived.

Check back for updates as they come in to the newsroom.