The death of a Carilion cancer doctor is raising questions about the safety of pedestrians near Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Gerald Schertz died last Friday after being hit by a car last Tuesday night.

To put it simply, there's a lot of twists and turns and a lot of pedestrians right in front of the hospital.

Because of that, the people who do walk around here try to do it carefully.

Despite that, I'm told one of the most careful people was Dr. Schertz.

In the area directly in front of the hospital there are, six different named streets going all different directions.

With cars and buses traveling all those directions, it leaves pedestrians playing a sometimes dangerous game.    

"I think that the consensus is that a lot of people do feel very uncomfortable at that intersection, it's a highly traveled intersection, cars, a lot of people speeding because they're coming to the hospital and they're coming to the hospital for emergencies. So it's a little bit scary," said Dr. Suzan Merten, a colleague of Dr. Schertz's.

She says Schertz was always the guy to warn people who walk back and forth to the hospital to be careful.

"I distinctly remember, it's been almost 20 years, walking across the street and he said "Sue, wait, you always have to be careful, people fly over that hill." And I mentioned that to some other colleagues and some of our mid-level providers and they said "yep, he said the same thing to me too," Merten said.

Merten says several doctors at nearby offices have notified Carilion they often don't feel safe.

Carilion management says because it's public property, it's a city traffic issue.

Either way, Dr. Schertz's colleagues hope something good comes of his tragic death.

We do want to note, the weather last Tuesday, the night Dr. Shertz was hit was very rainy and tough driving weather and that police are still investigating the hit.

We did speak with officials at the City Traffic engineering who were unaware of any prior requests to study it.

That traffic engineer did tell me as soon as they get the action report from Roanoke City Police, they'll definitely take a look at the area.