It's been close to three weeks since construction in downtown's Market area began.
January is a slow month for stores and restaurants on the market, but the construction is adding more challenges.

The construction is causing some people to shy away from the downtown area as a whole, but the city is helping businesses there creatively keep the customers coming.

It's a popular spot for a bite, some shopping and a drink. But extensive construction in Roanoke's downtown is causing some hiccups, but not for every business on the block.

"So far I haven't seen too much I haven't heard much of the grumbling just yet but as we get colder, and maybe into the next few weeks as it really starts to take off, maybe I might hear some more," Director of Operations for Billy's Restaurant, Colin Jones, told Your Hometown News Leader.

The Blue's Barbeque Company is a popular bar and restaurant on the market. For weeks now, the business has been directly blocked by the fence surrounding the construction. But, management says, the city is stepping.

"We got some money from the city for advertisement we've been putting ads on the radio and on television as well. Advertisement downtown, they've been helping out a lot with the signs on the fence just to make sure people know we're still open," the floor manager for Blue's Barbeque Company, Michael Strubel told WDBJ7.

For the most part, businesses are pleased with how the city is handling the construction, and rely on organizations like Downtown Roanoke Incorporated to be a go between .

Matt Klepeisz, with Downtown Roanoke Incorporated said, "we've really done the best we can to keep going between them to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that everybody understands what's going on."

To keep people coming downtown, many of the shops are having sales and specials. According to city officials, construction should be complete in April.