The stove fire is roaring at Thai Continental Cuisine and attention to detail is the recipe at 202 Market. Both restaurants are participating in Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week, with tasty foods and special meals for the event.

“We see it as owners here, that we would be remiss in not participating because it does bring more people downtown and into the restaurant,” said Thai Continental Cuisine co-owner, Jan Wilkins.

The event brings more people into the local downtown eateries. Traditionally, the month of January is when businesses see a drop in sales. Those who work at participating restaurants say the savings attracts new and repeat customers.

“Somebody that wouldn't normally come in, this gives them opportunity to come in try it at a lower price point,” said 202 Market Executive Chef, Meghan Gill.

That price points is $30 for a three course meal, and 202 also throws in valet parking. It's fine dining at a fraction of the cost. Some may even get a little adventurous.

“They will have an experience maybe their first which is quite different from Asian food,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins says Thai cuisine is considered healthier that other Asian cooking, because of how it’s prepared.

Restaurant Week ends January 26th.