Police agencies and the community came together Saturday to keep prescription drugs from getting into the wrong hands.

The annual "take back" day collected people's unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

At Roanoke Civic Center, a steady stream of people made a point of dropping medicines they just didn't need.

Studies show many teens aren't turning to the streets when they're experimenting with drugs, instead they're going to the medicine cabinet and taking pills from family members.

This event not only hopes to keep the drugs out of the wrong hands, but also out of the water supply.

"When people don't properly dispose of their medicines down the drain, trace amounts of those chemical compounds could pass out through the waste water process and get into our rivers and we don't want that," explains Sarah Baumgardner of the Western Virginia Water Authority.

The event grows each year.

In 2010, the group collected about 300-pounds of medicine, now it routinely collects about 14-hundred pounds.