Heavy rain fall, snow storms, and more than usual run off into the Dan River postponed any cleaning of the Dan River, a spokesperson for Duke Energy told a room full of media and city employees Monday morning.

Jeff Brooks with Duke explained high waters made for dangerous currents that were unsafe for workers cleaning the river in North Carolina.

He says work starts soon to remove a large deposit, approximately 2,500 tons, of coal ash at the Schoolfield Dam. To do that, the company has asked the city to close Abreu Grogan Park, on business route 29, to be headquarters for this project.

Brooks says the removal of the coal ash, called vacuum dredging, may take three months, possibly more if weather conditions worsen.

The vacuuming process pulls the coal ash from the bottom of the river, above the sediment layer.

The coal ash removed from the river and the Danville Water Filtration Plant will be moved to several lined landfields in Virginia and North Carolina.

The park sits above all dams in Danville and is the main city public river access for canoes, boats, and kayaks. The Danville Parks and Recreation's storage building for all boats is located at the park.

Duke Energy has paid $2,500 as compensation for lost program funds due to the clean up.

Abreu Grogan Park closes April 1.