Most of us know him as Samuel "Screech" Powers from the popular show, "Saved By The Bell." Friday, Dustin Diamond entertained Roanoke with his stand up comedy.

While Dustin Diamond is known for his role as Screech, he's been doing television for years including shows like Fit Club and Celebrity Big Brother.

But for the last 16 years, Diamond's comedic talent keeps him on the stage.

"I got up on stage and did stand up when I was 21 and it was scary so that part of it drew me to the stage because I wanted to conquer that fear. I said, I never get scared in front of crowds but stand up was so different," Diamond told Your Hometown News Leader.

Diamond's road to stand up from Saved By The Bell fame was a short and surprising one thanks to words of a friend and fellow comedian.

"You don't get stage fright, you've got good stage presence, delivery and timing, you would just need material. Would you want ever think about doing this? I said, sure, I'd think about it, why not? He introduced me that night."

Diamond has gotten flack from the media and says although being in the business is a blessing, it comes with a price.

"I grew up kind of weird, that's why I had my flailing with the press and media and stirring things up and my video tape that was a hoax, my book, that was written by a ghost writer," Diamond told WDBJ7.

And the disadvantages of fame aren't just about giving up a normal youth and privacy.

"Here I was 21 being told well, you've done the biggest thing pretty much that you're going to do, chances are."

Now 37, Diamond says he wants to be a dad, continue to do comedy and work on good projects that challenge him.

Before we left him, the discussion, of course, turned to favorite Saved by the Bell episodes.

"The prank episode. Reporter: Which one? We did a prank episode where we stole valley's mascot. Reporter, Oh the one where you're the mascot. And Johnny Shell came over. Reporter: And Slater put the ants. Yeah! The ants."

Diamond adds that he'd be interested in doing a Saved By The Bell reunion show.

If you missed Friday's performances, you can catch the 7pm or 10pm show Saturday at Corned Beef and Company.

Tickets are $15.