Republican candidate Ed Gillespie is challenging for the U.S. Senate position held by Democrat Mark Warner.

On Saturday, August 2nd his campaign trail stopped off at the Lynchburg farmer's market. It was his second day in what he himself calls a key part of the Commonwealth.

He talked to WDBJ7 about several topics, including his support of the recent Veterans Affairs reform proposal.

Gillespie spoke about his positions on accessible healthcare for Virginians and believes it's his ideas for economic growth that will help him defeat Senator Mark Warner.

He had plenty to say about his opponent in the upcoming race, speaking on Senator Mark Warner's record in the United States Senate. He called it one of voting for job-killing policy after job-killing policy, citing Warner's vote for the Affordable Care Act.

"Virginians are losing the insurance we like and the doctors we trust, and I would have voted against that," Gillespie said, "I'm going to move forward to replace it with policies that work. Senator Warner wants to keep it."