There are some big changes coming to high school students' biggest test.

The College Board announced yesterday it would be making the SAT more practical.  The redesigned exam returns to a 1600 point scale and the essay becomes optional.

Students won't be docked points for wrong answers.  The exam will focus more on commonly used vocabulary and core math skills.

College advisors we spoke to said this is a more fair and appropriate test to assess college readiness.

"I think it shows that they're really trying to be student-friendly and that they are definitely trying to make this work for the kids," said Kathy Habeeb with Faith Christian Academy.

"I stressed out a lot about the SAT's in general but I wasn't overly stressed about the writing. It would have added less stress if I didn't have to do it," said Tootie Smith, a senior at Faith Christian.

"I planned on taking it a lot more times before I apply for colleges, so yeah, it will help a lot," said junior Carly Mulinda.

All the changes are set to take effect in 2016.