It's fast, easy, and nearly error proof but will leave you with a charge on your driving record.

Danville is switching to an electronic summons system that eliminates most of the paper work after getting pulled over, which is sometimes embarrassing, intimidating, and downright unnerving.

Danville's new electronic summons system, or e-summons, makes the process fast for police, shortening the time you have blue lights behind you.

"It enables the officer in the field to more quickly write a summons, less time on the side of the road. For the officer it's better tactically to have less time handwriting a summons," said Major Chris Wiles with the Danville Police Department.

The process happens in now record time for Danville Police starting with your personal information.

"They would enter that information into the system, that can be brought over from queries made from the DMV so you have better accuracy of the information, less issue with errors in copying information over," Wiles said.

It's instantly sent to the home base, which is the Danville Police Department, and sent into the court system.

That eliminates a days work of copying ticket info three times and possibly making an error.

"It's printed. The printer is located right here. We have an armrest style printer," Wiles said, pointing to the center console. "There would still be one copy for the offender to sign."

That's it. You get a copy and are now responsible for the fine.

The e-summons system is still in its trial phase right now and should be used in police cars later this year.

Until then there is a temporary five dollar fee added to all criminal and traffic court costs in Danville to help pay for the new system.