HENRY CO., Va. -

It was a sight you could only see to believe. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's an American flag made up of elementary school students!

Everyone at John Redd Smith Elementary School wore red, white, and blue shirts to piece together the giant flag as part of Constitution Day.

Students behaved as they stood in lines patiently waiting for a teacher and the Principal Mr. Benjamin Boone, to take their picture.

Students got a hands on approach, in several subjects, to learning about the document that was signed 226 years ago Tuesday.

"Sometimes you can imagine yourself like you're actually one of the people that like, made it," said Sammy Gunter, a fifth grade student at the school.

"You remember it more because you're doing different things and like, you'll have that in your memory better than just a textbook," said Taylor Gary, also a fifth grade student.

This is the third consecutive year the school made the human American flag.