Many of you have seen the newly renovated Elmwood Park.

But tomorrow night is it's big, official debut, with the Sheryl Crow concert.

This show sold out in just hours, so people are definitely excited.  The logistics of having a big national act in a brand new, open-park are a bit challenging.

But it's one city officials are taking in stride.

"It's going to be a great show," Steve Buschor, Director of Roanoke Parks and Recreation said.

Let's call the festivals that have been here so far; Local Colors, Festival in the Park, etc., the appetizers.

Because there's no doubt, for Roanoke City officials, Sheryl Crow is the main course.

"It's going to be kind of fun to see this place filled and show it off," Buschor added.

Roanoke Parks and Recreation head Steve Bushor has spent months planning for tomorrow night.

Wednesday, the golf carts were moving, the cherry pickers were rising, and the finishing touches on the city's end were wrapping up.

"It'll be a great learning experience but we hope for the people who come, a great entertainment experience as well," Assistant City Manager Brian Townsend said.

City officials feel they've covered most of their bases, even preparing for the things they haven't prepared for.

Townsend says, "We're ready. I think once we see tomorrow and people start arriving, we'll have some folks here to react to things we may not have anticipated."

Steve Buschor says Elmwood Park is capable and literally wired for the requirements of an act like Sheryl Crow.

Bushor says his crew has been great, and hopes tomorrow night, that will show.

"There's just a lot of different things that are happening. And there's a lot of infrastructure to learn, and know how take care of and know how to utilize. And we're getting there. Every concert is a new learning experience," he said.

And the city hopes, and for future possibilities needs it to be an experience concert-goers will enjoy.

Whether you're coming to the concert or not, city officials remind you to be patient this time tomorrow when people are coming downtown for the concert and people who work downtown are leaving from work.