Magnificent is just one of the words visitors used as they took their first close look at Elmwood Park. The park has reopened, complete with a new amphitheater.

"I think it will add more people to come downtown, more activity, music and different sorts of performances. I think it's a huge, huge asset." said Roanoke resident Sandra Collins.

"Today we have it here, you can touch and feel the excitement and you can see it,” said City Council member Sherman Lea.

City leaders helped to cut the ribbon on the multimillion dollar project. After many meetings on its concept, many are just glad to see it come into fruition.

"Roanoke has taken such a huge step forward this is such an asset,” said Collins.

City leaders say the remodeled park will fit in well with the rest of downtown.

"This will be part of a walkable city. You'll be able to go from Elwood Park all the way down a couple of blocks to the city market. It'll just be a great place to come and visit and shop and dine, said Mayor David Bowers.

"When we talk about commitment to our downtown, this is just another move and another action that done that,” said Lea.

In the meantime, visitors can look forward to more festivals and outdoor performances in the future.