Hundreds of runners are headed into downtown Roanoke to pick up their race packets before the big event.

Roanoke is less than 24 hours away from the 2014 Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon and organizers are putting the final touches on their setup for the race.

The eve of the Blue Ridge Marathon always proves to be a busy one not only for runners, but for those working the race as well.

"If you're a rookie coming in here doing your first marathon it's probably not the best idea in the world but they train for it and we're prepared for it,” said Roanoke Fire-EMS Deputy Chief Billy Altman.

Altman said his crew has spent weeks prepping for the big event.

"This is spread out over 26 miles so you got a big course that goes over multiple jurisdictions to handle so the law enforcement and the medical,” he said.

A command unit, 10 ambulances, ATV's and dozens of emergency responders are what you can expect to see scattered along the race routes by early Saturday morning.

"If someone goes down we'll get to em quick,” said Altman. “The people around will divert the runners if they need to, but most of the people running marathons are pretty much seasoned and do it a lot."

Altman said the key to having a successful event like this one is communication and he said the city of Roanoke has it covered. His crew is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

"Once you get to the event most of the stuff is set up and done so you actually relax during the event a little bit because everybody is out there doing what they need to do,” he said.

The biggest threat for emergency responders is the weather, according to Altman.