It's been eight years since Brenda Wright was brutally murdered in an apartment home along Tinker Drive in Roanoke.

For the first time, Wright's family is publicly breaking their silence about that dreadful night because this year's anniversary is different than most.

Four people were charged and convicted in connection to Wright's murder, but by the end of February one of them will walk free.

"It is still a daily chore to learn how to live without your mother,” said Carlisle Jones.

Jones is Wright’s son and still remembers the images from February 10, 2006.

"When we turned into the complex, it was such an eerie feeling,” he said.

Jones said his mother was living at Tinker Creek Manor when she became the victim to a robbery turned double homicide. He said his mother was stabbed multiple times and hit with an air pistol.

"I felt physically paralyzed,” he said. “I could not move and that was my way of trying to digest with what I was coming to grips with."

Jones said his mother lived next to Deborah Vaughan and went over to her house for a DVD. He said during that time, four people entered the home and murdered both of the women.

Jones’ sister Nashawn McNeil-Price was also living in Roanoke at the time. She said she still can't bring herself to talk about that day at Tinker Creek because it was one of the worst days of her life and also one of the happiest.

"I thought to myself we have got to have the worst luck in the world right now as a family,” said Jones.

McNeil-Price went into labor with her daughter Mariah around the same time investigators were responding to the murder scene.

Jones said he knew February 10 would never be the same for his entire family.

Mariah is now eight years old and every year the family tries to balance mourning the loss of their mother while celebrating the birth of Mariah, but this year’s anniversary is especially hard for them.

Jones received a phone call from Richmond just a few weeks ago letting him know one of the men convicted of murdering his mother would be a free man.

"Knowing it was coming did not make it any easier when I actually got that news,” he said. “I'm not that cries much but I broke down because it opened so much about what happened."

Karrington Overstreet was 15-years-old at the time of the murder and received an eight year sentence.

According to Jones, Overstreet did not play a part in the actual killing, rather he served as a “lookout” as the two women were murdered.

Overstreet is currently being held in Wallens Ridge State Prison. It's one of the highest security prisons in Virginia.

Overstreet is set to be released February 19, according to online court records.

Jones believes Overstreet is a danger to society and feels he belongs in jail.

The three other men charged in the murder will each serve at least 33 years.