Miracle Grow isn't enough to help farmers in Southern Virginia.

They're supposed to already have a plentiful crop, but weather a few months back is effecting their summer plans at the Martinsville Farmer's Market.

Monday was supposed to be the first day of the season farmers sold produce during the work week. They call it extended hours.

The director of the Farmer's Market says the bitter cold temperatures a few months back stopped farmers from planting on time.

Then there was a late frost in May that killed plants. Now there isn't enough produce to sell.

The market has altered its extended hours to give farmers more time to grow their crop and harvest.

The extended hours start this Wednesday from seven a-m to noon.

The Monday extended hours start in July. Right now, things are looking better for farmers.

"The growing season right now is actually really good. It's been really hot during the days, which is great for the corn. Then we have been having the evening showers, which is great for growing. Now I'm really hoping this weather continues and we don't get the blistering heat that we normally get in August," said Pat Folio, manager of the Martinsville Farmers Market.

This is a producers-only market which means farmers are only allowed to sell what they grow in local fields.

The market is open every Saturday until October. Last year farmers dealt with a drought that also effected sales here at the market.

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