It's been five months since the region saw some of the worst flash flooding in history. The weather closed roads, destroyed homes and displaced families and there’s still a number of families that have yet to settle back into their homes.

The Meadowbrook neighborhood is just one of many that got hit the hardest by the storms.

WDBJ 7 has followed the Kirby family from the beginning and throughout their journey to get back on their feet and into their home, but as it turns out a New Year means a new home for the family.

"In a way it feels like it was forever ago and then in another sense it seems like everything is so raw,” said Elicia Kirby. “Like it just happened."

The mother of two said it's hard to believe it's been eight months since her home was destroyed by flash flooding.

"A lot has taken place over the last few months to get the house back in living condition," she said.

Mother Nature got the best of their home in July, but a lot has changed since then.

"We've had a moving company come and take all of our stuff out and clean it and bring it back and right now the house is looking really good."

The Kirby's flooded basement has been cleaned and restored. The family was forced to throw away personal belongings, but Kirby said they didn’t have much of a choice but to pick up and clean up.

"There was so much to think about and so much to do that we just did it,” she said. “We didn't really think about it. We had to get in there and make decisions and get things done."

The Kirby family has since moved in with Elicia's parents. They had no choice but to change schools for their two sons.

Now, they're learning to embrace change. They made the decision to not move back in despite the clean up and look forward to a new beginning elsewhere.

"Joel asked me to marry him in this house on Christmas morning, the kids have been here and grown and we've been through a lot here and its going to be hard but I feel like it's time to start something new,” she said.

Kirby said she is thankful for her friends, church and family. She said without them, they would not have been able to get where they are now.

The city of Roanoke has been in and is still in limbo on whether or not to purchase the homes in Meadowbrook since they have become so prone to flooding. Kirby is hoping city leaders will follow through with their idea to do so because she doesn’t want anyone to have to go through the process like they did this year.