Monday night several families in Danville are searching for a new place to live after a gas explosion at an apartment complex.

It happened Saturday morning, and many people are still cleaning out their apartments.

The building is now condemned. An employee with Royal Terrace Apartments says most likely the building will be demolished.

Monday families loaded up their cars for a third or fourth time moving to a new place.

Some people aren't allowed to go back into their home until it's safe.

Right now four units are off limits.

Police say a drunk driver ran into a main gas line for the building just after one a-m Saturday.

Gas leaked into the building and ignited a fire and explosion that blew doors, windows, and brick off the building.

Braces inside the building were moved from the force, and outside brick walls are bowed.

"We plan our lives around already having a place to stay. Like I was telling people, I'm about to start school soon, I've got a 40 hour job, and now I've got to find somewhere to stay," said Matthew Britton. He lives in the complex when the explosion happened.

An employee with the apartment complex is sitting watch now throughout the week to keep out thieves.

Six people taken to the hospital are now out and doing OK.

Most families have found other homes or are staying with family and friends or are getting support from their churches.

Monday night at least one family is having to move again after the hotel they stayed in over the weekend double booked their room and is now full.

The wreck caused at least half a million dollars in damage.

We're also learning more about the man who police say ran his car into the complex.

James Barksdale is charged with DWI and driving with a revoked license.

Court records show he has been charged four other times for driving with a suspended license.

The most recent was in 2012.

An assistant commonwealth's attorney in Danville says after a fourth offense, the driver's license is revoked for five years, the person must spend at least 10 days in jail, and could be fined up to 25 hundred dollars.

The attorney says it's possible though Barksdale could have got his license back this year.

Barksdale's lawyer declined to talk with WDBJ7 about any of the charges.