Roanoke Police continue their investigation of the hit and run accident that killed a woman early Saturday morning.

And members of Sandra Loughry's family are asking for help finding the person who was responsible for her death.

Joe Taylor drove to Roanoke Tuesday from his home in West Virginia to meet with police. He believes that someone here can provide the information that will help investigators solve this case.

" I just want the people that were responsible, anybody involved, to be caught and serve their time," Taylor told WDBJ7 in an interview.

Sandra Loughry grew up in the area around Morgantown, West Virginia. Her son says she moved to Roanoke from Ohio a few years ago.

Early Saturday morning, police say, she was walking east on Shenandoah Avenue with a companion when she was hit from behind.

Police have been looking for a small to medium sized sedan, likely with damage on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Taylor says the family is hoping "there will be justice."

"She would do anything she could to have a good time with everybody and she would speak her mind," Taylor told us. "If you made her mad she'd let you know, but she was a really good woman and she would do anything for her kids and her grandkids. They were her world."

Both Joe Taylor and his sister recently had their second children, two grandchildren that Sandra Loughry will never meet.

Taylor says his mother was planning to move back to West Virginia next month.