One of the more exciting stories we've heard from you about the snowstorm is about a family in Floyd who was expecting another baby this week, but not expecting the tale of how she came into the world.

Charlene Massie was holding newborn Sierra this afternoon when WDBJ7's Chris Hurst spoke to her on Skype. She is a doula, a professional who helps during childbirth and new she wanted to have the baby at home.

But Tuesday she went into labor, and Wednesday during the storm she and her husband Kevin had to see her doctor in Blacksburg and were determined to make it home before they got stuck.    

They got there and Charlene raced through the snow to her front door.

"So as I was walking into my door, literally as I'm crossing the threshold my water bags broke," she says. "And my midwife wasn't here... and as she got to the house I could tell I was able to start pushing and fifteen to twenty minutes later baby was out."

The Massies haven't been able to leave their log cabin home in Floyd since Sierra was born but say it's given them plenty of time to get to know their second daughter.