Sunday may turn out alright weather wise and thousands of race fans are excited to watch the STP 500.

Call it a big party with food, fun and good spirits. Race fans from all walks of life and from all over the country are getting ready for a weekend full of NASCAR.

"You meet all kinds of nice people. Beautiful people who come from all over."

That's why Gary Martin and his wife have opened their home, and driveway for 7 years to NASCAR fans.

"They're good to pay for it. They do a good job, they clean up for me when they leave and everybody's happy," Martin told Your Hometown News Leader.

And they come from all over!

"Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, California"

Lively fans drove a camper more than 8 hours from Pennsylvania; all to enjoy race weekend.

"It's a good time. There's a lot of people down here and I think just the whole scene will be a good time," Zach Brosius told WDBJ7.

"A little camaraderie and going down here to watch the Sprint race on Sunday and hanging out with a bunch of good friends," said race fan, Chris Russell.

"It's a great time being at Martinsville, it really is. Very hospitable and we like coming down here. It's our 3rd year in a row and we love it," Joe Collura told WDBJ7.

So what keeps them coming back?

"Everybody here feels like a family. It's really nice. It's really cool."