It's going to be loud in the New River Valley this weekend.

Some of the best of the best fast draw shooters are pouring into the New River Fair Grounds in Dublin for the 2014 Virginia State Championship and Eastern US Territorial Championships.

"We measure our times against our competitors up until the thousands of a second," said match director Jeff “Ringo” Duncan.

Competitors are aiming for times that may be hard to believe. Duncan said most shoot in under half a second.

“That's a third of a second to react to that light, draw the pistol, cock it, aim and the time the bullet takes to hit that target."

Duncan also said the sport is rich in history.

Some shooters look like they just stepped out of an old western movie and when it comes to the action, shooters use 45 Colt Single Action pistols that were designed in the 1800’s.

The guns may look dated, but the sport is gaining new momentum and shooters, like 9-year-old Wyatt Branscome.

"You just get to shoot and come out here and try to win some prizes and talk to some new people,” he said when asked what he likes best about the sport.

It's also helping to put people on the map.

Brenda Brazaukas said her passion for the pistol started a few years ago when her husband took her to a competition.

"I showed up, put a gun on me and shot that first round and I was hooked,” she said.

Brazaukas is now the fastest female shooter in Virginia, that is, if no one takes the title from her and she's not the only one with a lot on the line this weekend.

For a second year in a row, her husband, Anthony, is also defending his title as fastest male shooter in Virginia.

"Hot, nerve wracking, your adrenaline is pumping and its one big rush,” he said.

The competition is fierce and there can only be one winner, but regardless of how fast you shoot you have to hit the target to win.

Thursday’s shooting competition will determine the fastest shooter for different age groups.

Friday will determine who wins the state championship title for men, women and children. This is the fifth year it’s been held in Dublin.

For the first time in fast draw shooting history, there will be an Eastern Territorial Competition, which means whoever claims that title, will be the fastest shooter east of the Mississippi.