It's been about 48 hours since freshmen moved onto campus at Ferrum College, and they are already busy at work.

Hundreds formed a human assembly line, packing and sorting meals for “Stop Hunger Now.”

“We're always talking about, each student is here to be successful on their own, but they also need to know you’re part of a bigger world, you’re part of a bigger world and as we help each other, it helps everybody,” said Ferrum President Jennifer Braaten.

Not only are students getting to know each other outside of the classroom, they also get to share the school's motto, "Not self, but others." Upperclassmen and community members were also out helping for this event.

“It makes me feel good knowing that you're helping somebody out who needs it and feeding like little kids. It makes you feel really good inside,” said Emily Danner.

For every 1,000 meals that were packed and sorted, a gong was rung. It was to let participants know they were one step closer to their goal.

“Our meals are sent to about 28 countries around the world. They are sent to what we call transformational development programs, school feeding programs, orphanages; health clinics,” said Stop Hunger Now university relations director Jan Rivero.

For this group of young people, this is just the beginning of some friendships and adulthood.

“We want them to begin to make a connection between the community, the nation and the world and to understand their role in that,” said Faculty Chair Delia Heck.