Danville fire officials are investigating a weekend fire at a fiberboard plant.

The fire occurred Saturday afternoon at Blue Ridge Fiberboard in a staging area containing fiberboard stacked on pallets. No injuries were reported.

Danville Fire Department Capt. Barry Neal tells The Danville Register & Bee that the cause of the fire hasn't been determined.

It was the second fire at the plant in about two weeks.

On May 30, a fire damaged finished goods outside the plant. The fire department said the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion due to the tightly packed product and the heat required to cure it.


A fire damaged inventory at a Danville plant. It took crews four hours this morning to put out the fire at the Blue Ridge Fiberboard.

Firefighters say the fire got dangerously close to the company's manufacturing plant.

They were able to stop it before it reached the building but products in the finished goods storage yard were damaged.

The company makes roofing and soundproofing materials.