SALEM, Va. -

The Salem Fire Marshal is still investigating and interviewing residents.

He hopes to have some answers by Thursday.

Meanwhile, we were back on site Tuesday.

Construction crews have draped tarps across the roof of one apartment building.

That building was heavily damaged by fire.

Residents tell WDBJ7 the fire started in a vacant back apartment.

An adjacent apartment building sustained water damage.

Both buildings are still condemned.

Residents want to know when they can get back inside to get their things.

At this point, residents haven't- heard if or when they will be able to.

Managers at Salem Commons referred all our questions to its parent company.

That group told us it wouldn't be commenting to the media.

But residents are concerned, they have just two-more days of help from the Red Cross.

After that- many don't know where they're going, if they'll be able to get to another apartment at Salem Commons or if they'll have rely on the kindness of family and friends.