Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) go back to class on Monday, August 26th.

School leaders expect more than eight-thousands students to return this year.

This year, students and parents are asked to have a positive influence on those around him/her by doing the following:

Students Involvement

5 Minutes - Take five minutes every day to talk with a parent, guardian, or sibling about school.

5 Times - Commit five times to tutoring someone, being tutored, or both each semester.

5 Words - Give five words of encouragement to someone at school each day.

5 Acts - Contribute five acts of character each week.

5 Activities - Participate in five activities each year highlighting your unique talents and abilities.

Parent Involvement

5 Minutes - Spend five minutes or more reading to your child and/or discussing school with child every day.

5 Hours - Contribute five hours or more of volunteer service to your child's school each year.

5 Days - Give five days or more of attendance at school events.

5 Dollars - Donate five dollars or more to school's PTO.

5 Classes - Take five classes or more of schooling beyond high school. A GED or high school diploma is encouraged of every parent. If you don't have one, LCS has programs to help you get one.