CRAIG CO., Va. -

School's out for the summer, but in Craig County work is still happening- except not by students.

From top to bottom, Craig County schools are getting an overhaul- a little at a time.

"We came up with an alternate plan which has been a great plan for us -it's a 7-year plan to break into small packages what we needed to get completed here at the school," explains School Superintendent Kelly Wilmore.

The largest and probably most expensive part of phase 1 is a new roof for the elementary and high schools.

Inside, the schools are getting new lighting, ceiling tiles and lots of paint.

Says Wilmore, "I don't think the high school hallways have ever been painted.. from what I've been told it was primed and never painted after that. The floors needed some work, the elementary bathrooms had never been renovated in close to 50-years."

The superintendent says these little changes will pay off in big ways

"You need to have pride in your school and it's to me -it's tough for our kids to come into a building that has been beat down is what it looks like," says Wilmore.

And, the even though work is well underway, the clock is ticking.

The superintendent hopes to have everything done before a scheduled open house on August 14th.

The superintendent estimates he's saved close to a quarter of a million by getting volunteers to help with some of the work.

Craig County schools are hosting two community help days this week- the first is Thursday starting at about 8 in the morning.

The other from 9a-3p on Saturday at the school.

The superintendent says anyone's welcome, just be prepared to work!