If you have pain or soreness after a workout, not stretching properly, or at all, could be the reason

WDBJ7's David Kaplan is gearing up for the Blue Ridge Marathon when he takes on the 10K.

This morning, he shows us some tips for stretching properly, no matter the muscle.
For many of us, the desire is strong to get in, get it done, and get out when working out.

Roanoke Athletic Club trainer Leonard Jones says if you skip the stretching, you're only hurting yourself down the road.

"With stretching, you have increased flexibility, increased balance, increased range of motion," Jones said.

Many of us show up, stretch extensively, workout then leave.  Jones says we have it all wrong.

"After your workout, that's when you want a more intense stretch then," Jones added.

Trainers recommend doing a small, quick warm up before some light stretching prior to ramping up your activity.  Whether you take a jog, or do some light exercises in place, getting loose is important.

"We want to get that blood flowing, loosen them up, they're going to stretch much better and you're going to get more range of motion out of your stretch with warmer muscles," Leonard Jones said.

Jones says the biggest mistake people make while stretching is bouncing up and down while stretching. 

Take it slow and breathe deep.

"We want to reach that farthest part and hold it and give the muscle time to stretch itself out," Jones added.

One of the other big tips that personal trainers recommend is not to overstretch muscles that are already in pain.

Long story short, stretching is one of those things that doesn't take long and you need to make sure you're doing right.

You'll feel much better.