It's one of the only foods in the grocery store that's the same size and shape, but has it's own aisle and some are much better for you than others.

We took a look at the bread aisle and finds out which one is best for you.

At the Food Lion on Bennington Street in Southeast Roanoke, they have at least 100 types of bread.

But with so many options, a whole aisle's worth, can you do better for yourself?

Dietitian Don Mankie says absolutely, "I look at the fiber content."

Mankie says if you look for breads that are high in fiber, it's the best thing for your digestive system and sometimes calorie count.

Look on the label; most times breads that are high in fiber have the word "whole" in them; whole grain, whole wheat, it means they're wholesome.

"Why do we eat whole grain bread? Fiber content, more trace minerals, more bulk, more filling," Mankie says.

"That type of bread is better for you than the white bread," said Robert Reynolds.

Reynolds retired this past December as a janitor in Franklin County Schools.  He says he started eating whole wheat breads when the students did.

School lunches now require certain amounts of whole grains.

"That's when I really got started eating it, because I bought my lunch down there everyday and that's what they served everyday," Reynolds said.

Many foods are okay in moderation, but experts also say when you're looking at fiber content, look at the serving size too.  For some breads, the serving size is one slice, for others it's two.

Regardless of your weight, higher-calorie, whole grain breads are okay as long as you eat them in moderation and avoid the fatty condiments like butter, mayonaise and peanut butter along with them.

The result; a healthier, more filling sandwich and your body getting the good stuff it needs.