Many of us have a hard time motivating ourselves to keep going and pushing ourselves to the gym.

"I try to come five days a week," Susan Boyes said.

We all find our motivation in different ways.  Maybe Boyes can be yours.

"I had high blood pressure and I had aches and pains which I thought were just normal for someone my age," Boyes said.

Between six and seven years ago, Boyes decided to do something about it, and it worked.

"When I came and started working out regularly I started feeling so much better, sleeping better, more energy, and all the aches and pains went away," she said.

Sport Psychologist John Heil says convincing yourself to work out is one thing, keeping it going is another.

He says variety is also the spice of getting healthy: Change it up!

"Variety is a good idea. Maybe you're just getting tired of the same old thing, so you might want to mix it up with something," Heil said in his Roanoke County office.

"I get bored if I'm on a machine for too long, so that really helps, makes the time go very quickly," Boyes insists.

Gold's Gym trainer Jane Seymour says to use the seasons to your advantage and phone a friend to keep things fresh.

"Go outside and start walking, find a buddy, find something to do, find a project, an outside project that you can go out and do," Seymour said of keeping it fresh.

When push comes to shove: "It's real easy to be lazy. The longer you sit on the couch, the harder it is to get up," Seymour said.

So get up, do something new, something fun, something active that you will actually enjoy.

"Everyday, I have to convince myself to come. I can always think up some excuse, but I know once I get through the door, it's all good," Susan Boyes said.

If Susan Boyes can do it, you can too.