The mother of a 5-month-old boy who was found dead along a service road in Draper last week has been arrested on felony child neglect charges.

Samantha Warden was arrested Wedneday for neglect of son Cory Cole, according to the Pulaski Police Department.

Cory’s father, Howard Cole, is charged with child abuse stemming from another investigation.

More information will be released Thursday morning.

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The infant who was found dead Thursday in Pulaski County has been identified as missing 5-month-old Cory Cole.

Cole’s body was found in the Draper area of Pulaski County.

The infant's father, 31-year-old Howard Samuel Cole of Pulaski, was arrested on a child-abuse charge Thursday.


Jan. 31, 2014

Technicians are still at the scene where an infant was found dead Thursday in the Draper area of Pulaski County.

The infant matches the description of 5-month-old Cory Cole, who has been missing since Monday. Officials are still working to officially release the identity of the child.

The site where the body was found is off the road and in a wooded area. Chief G.W. Roche said you would need an ATV to get to the area where the infant was found.

Howard Cole, the father of Cory Cole, was arrested Thursday in Fairlawn on felony child abuse charges after a significant search.

The investigation is still open, but the chief is confident that the suspect is in custody. He said there is “no serial killer out on the loose.”

Howard Cole was charged with grand theft auto in Pulaski County court in September 2013. In June he was sentenced to 20 days in jail for a shoplifting charge. Cole was scheduled for a plea hearing in Wythe County Circuit Court for a charge of entering a building to commit assault and battery. He is due in court on March 19 on that charge.


Police and Deputies say they've found the body of a small infant matching the description of boy who's been missing since Monday named Cory Cole.

Now the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, Pulaski Police and State Police are working to identify that child.

Pulaski County Sheriff Jim Davis says the descriptions of Cole and the body they recovered are identical.

5-month-old Cory Cole has been missing since Monday.

He was last seen with his father Howard Cole in Pulaski Monday night.

Cole was arrested earlier today in Fairlawn on felony child abuse charges after a significant search.

Police got a tip around 4 p.m. on Thursday to search a heavily wooded area along Draper Valley Road. and that's where they found the body of the young child.

"We're in the process with The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office of recovering an infant child body.  This is just the beginning of this investigation," said Chief G. W. Roche.

At this time police are not yet connecting the man they arrested to the baby's body found Thursday evening.