For the last 10 months, Dedrick Rose's life has been a series of surgeries and therapy sessions.

"My C-4 and C-5 vertebrae had been pushed against my spine," explains Rose.

"D" as he's known, is used to running and gunning as an UPS driver.
Now, his energy is spent learning to stand and eventually walk again.

"I thank God for every inch and every ounce of strength he gives me," he says earnestly.

D was injured Christmas Day when he climbed a fence to retrieve his son's toy.

The fence collapsed and D landed on his neck.

Since then, he has received extended treatment at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Now, he's been doing physical therapy at Carilion's New River Valley Medical Center.

Rehab is deliberate and painstaking work. But the effort to get him in here, is a job in and of itself.

What looks like a pulley-system has to be put together every time he gets in or out of the car.

Former customers have started Facebook and web pages to raise awareness and money to get D into a handicap accessible van.

They're calling the project, "Deliver for D."

"He did more than deliver our packages, he delivered friendship, he always had a joke, or picked at you. He learned everybody's name in Vinton. He's just a great guy," explains Deliver for D creator Sandy Altis.

And, that great guy is motivated by a positive outlook and a big goal that's keeping him going.

Explains D, "I'm going to walk again because I got a lot of thanking to do, even if I have to go to each and every household and business!"

Deliver for D event
November 9, 2013
Woodland Place event center in Vinton

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