Roanoke City Police believe alcohol, "might have been a factor with the pedestrian" struck and killed by a UPS truck on Elm Avenue around 6:30 last night.

Last night's death makes the fourth pedestrian killed in Roanoke since last fall.

Construction on the bridge won't finish until Summer 2015.

Police want to get the word out for drivers and pedestrians to be careful.  But drivers and pedestrians say it's not that easy.

"Traffic moves very fast through there, often, even with the construction," Cindy Hammed said.  Hammed lives right near the corner where the pedestrian was killed.

Clinton Overstreet plays the dodging game often here at the intersection of fourth street and Elm Avenue.

Overstreet says there's, "A lot of traffic. It's dangerous."

He says it's fast, it's complicated, it's congested because you've got, "The interstate coming off right here. Then you got this intersection here and people coming here trying to turn here, there's just too many turns."

Because it's right near the interstate, all kinds of cars moving at all kinds of speeds are coming through here.

While most admit the area is inherently dangerous, neighbors say it doesn't have to be that way.

"I think if you're paying attention and you're driving safely and you're paying attention to where you're going and you're walking, then certainly, I think it would be safe," Hammed said.

And that's the sentiment the Roanoke Police Department wants to hammer home: Everyone needs to be hyper-attentive when going through this or any other intersection.

"The responsibility really falls on the citizens, the police department, motorists, pedestrians," said Captain Sam Roman with the Roanoke Police Department.

Police did say this was the first pedestrian killed at this particular intersection since last fall.

Neighbors, police and pedestrians say it's one too many.

"It's sad and it's unfortunate for both the driver and the pedestrian," Hammed added.

Captain Roman says this accident is unfortunate, but a good reminder to both drivers and pedestrians: Pay attention to the road, especially since there will be more pedestrians out and about as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.