A local food bank is trying to feed families after a record-breaking month.

The Saint Frances House Food Pantry is looking for donations now more than ever.

The pantry along Campbell Avenue in downtown Roanoke said it usually sees anywhere from 30 to 40 families a day.

Now, they're seeing nearly 60 families a day.

A spokeswoman for the pantry said there was a reduction in SNAP benefits recently and it's taking a toll on families.

They say they need more donations to keep their shelves full this holiday season.

“Families are feeling that crunch,” said Financial Social Services manager Beth Lutjen. “We all have to making tightening up the belt and we all looking at ways to cut back but it's hard to cut back on food expenses so when the SNAP benefits were cut in November its really hurting people."

If you'd like to help out, they are taking both food and financial donations.

You can drop by the facility located at 820 Campbell Avenue SW between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Saint Frances said they are also willing to work with any corporation that may be interested in holding food drives.