A Bedford County fire department is asking for your help to fix an expensive and potentially dangerous problem.

The Forest Volunteer Fire Department needs to replace the tank on its one and only tanker truck.

The vehicle is needed to fight fires in rural areas, where hydrants aren't available.

The tank normally carries 2,800 gallons of water, but it currently has a bad leak.

Firefighters have to fill it up every time they use it, which is slowing their response time.

"We've patched it temporarily, but that is not a permanent fix and we will need a replacement that will cost about $25,000," explained Lt. Ryan Burnette, a volunteer with the fire department.

The truck can not be fixed by its original manufacturer, S&S Fire Apparatus, because the company ceased operations several years ago.

Fire fighters are busy trying to raise money for a replacement tank.  They're asking for donations from everyone in the county, since the truck responds to calls in other parts of Bedford.