There's a new option for dog owners hoping to control the pet population.

Angels of Assisi in Roanoke will soon be offering a non-surgical option to neuter dogs.

The new procedure is a shot that sterilizes.

Even though the dog will still be sedated, the procedure is less invasive, takes less time to perform and less time for the animal to heal.

"It's a really good second option for people who are either concerned about their animals being neutered or animals that may not be able to undergo anesthesia very well. It's a quick process and I think there's going to be a population of people who are going to really want this," explains Dr. Melissa Spangler, Medical Director at Angels of Assisi.

Dr. Spangler says there are some drawbacks.

Even though the shot will keep a dog from reproducing, it only reduces testosterone by about 50-percent, so some of the behavioral issues usually curbed by neutering will still remain.