The old Coca-Cola sign has been repainted on its original bottling facility in Rocky Mount. Bootleggers Café is set to open soon.

“We're going to be doing some nice, cooking of fresh vegetables; bring back the home-style cooking that you can do in your own kitchen. Less on the process food, more on the fresh prepared food,” said owner Bryan Hochstein.

Bootleggers Café will celebrate its future and its building's history at a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday.

The new restaurant will add to what is an already developing downtown Rocky Mount.

“Just the town taking on with the Harvester and restoring that building, kind of brought a sense of lets revitalize the historic district,” said Hochstein.

Right across the street from the café is the brand new Harvester Performance Center which has been a success for the town. Hochstein says the main reason he decided to open the café was because of the Harvester's success.

“As an investor as a business person, you want to be where the people are and I believe that Rocky Mount will be that place,” said Hochstein.

It's a place where new memories will be made, while taking the past along for the ride.