The former minority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates told WDBJ7 he's embarrassed after an employee stole money from his law office.

Elizabeth Chapman was sentenced last week to 28 months in jail after embezzling 258 thousand dollars from her, then employer, Ward Armstrong.

Armstrong says she had permission to sign his name on work related check while he was away in Richmond.

He says from 2010 to last March she wrote checks to herself.

Armstrong noticed the differences in his office's bank account this year and told police.

"She was a friend. I'm a small office. And, you know, we have four or five people working in here and you can't have that small number and not get to know one another on a very personal bases," said Ward Armstrong, a Martinsville Lawyer.

Armstrong says he's restructured his office, only allowing himself to sign checks and is viewing bank statements on paper instead of online.`