A Marine who recently lived in Roanoke is accused of killing his girlfriend in her home in Henrico County.

A Marine spokesperson told WDBJ7 that Blake Bryant worked as a recruiter in Roanoke for close to three years. Now, police are trying to piece together what happened in what they're calling a murder investigation.

It's a strange story of domestic violence that turned deadly. Henrico County Police say Blake Bryant killed his girlfriend, Samantha O'Quin and left her here in the woods of a residential neighborhood sometime on Thursday. She was found by a passerby.

O'Quin's one year old daughter was found unharmed nearby at the home Bryant and O'Quin shared. Henrico County investigators say luckily, Bryant was spotted near the crime scene shortly after she was killed.

"This was fortunate situation where the suspect was not far from the scene. We were able to speak with him. He was a person of interest on that day. This actually occurred that she was discovered," Lt. Linda Toney of the Henrico County Police Department told Your Hometown News Leader.

WDBJ7 has learned that Bryant used to be a Marine Section Chief. He also lived in Roanoke and worked as a Marine recruiter for the Armed Forces Recruiting office. He left there and the Marine corp in 2012.

Police won't say exactly how O'Quin died or what lead up to her murder.

Bryant has been charged with first degree murder in connection to Samantha O'Quin's death.

Her one-year-old daughter is in the custody of family.

The Richmond CBS affiliate, WTVR, reports that Bryant was denied bail today and is expected in court on November 1st.