SALEM, Va. -

A former Salem volleyball youth coach has been found guilty on several counts of taking video of girls without their knowledge.

Dewayne Barger pleaded guilty to 21 counts as part of a plea agreement. Barger admitted to using a small camera to film some of his volleyball players during his time as a coach in the area.

He also admitted to filming his fiancee and her friends, as well as his fiancee's younger sister without their consent.

Barger claimed the filming began by him taping his fiancé and some of her friends. He claimed it was a mistake that any underage girls were recorded.

He will be sentenced December 19. He faces up to 105 years in prison.

During the hearing, prosecutors presented evidence that Barger recorded or photographed 17 girls from his volleyball team when they were trying on uniforms at a Bethel Baptist Church in Salem. All of the girls were between the ages of 13 and 17.

When confronted, Barger said he didn’t know how the camera got turned on while it was in his bag.

Here is a statement from Pastor Hilton at Bethel Baptist Church:

"Our facilities at Bethel Baptist Church have been used for a number of community purposes including scout troop meetings, sports team gatherings, and blood drives. In fact, our facility is also used as a voting poll location. We make our facility available to the community with hope that no one abuses the use of it. Although policies are in place for non-church related events, we are saddened to discover that someone in our community abused our hospitality and used our facilities in this way."


A former youth volleyball coach is set to enter a plea agreement for allegedly videotaping girls without them knowing it.

Dewayne Barger is due in Salem Circuit Court at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. He is accused of setting up hidden cameras in his Salem apartment and at a Salem church.

Police say those cameras recorded underage girls changing their clothes. Officers first arrested him back in March, and prosecutors filed more charges against him in May.

Barger was originally scheduled for a two-day trail, but earlier this week he agreed to a plea agreement.

Investigators say Barger had a small camera in the bathroom of his Salem apartment.  According to police, the recording device showed several female volleyball players changing their clothes.

Barger also faces 17 counts of unlawfully videotaping children under the age of 18 after a covert camera was found in a Salem church. He was indicted on those charges by a Salem grand jury on May 17.

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