When there wasn't enough money for new physical education equipment for special needs students at Franklin County High School, they used Coca Cola reward points.

“That campaign was fantastic. What we've done is collected from the community; people have been gracious at the school to donate at their caps. We type them in and had over a 125,000 points worth of equipment,” said Coach Jamie Wright.

It’s equipment that made all the difference for special needs students in Wright's class.

“To see their face light up, and the smiles and the grinds and excitement just from new equipment and P.E. stuff, it's priceless,” said Wright.

After new equipment was brought in last year from caps for a cause, people continued to bring bottle caps. Organizers decided to spread the wealth to other classes at the school.

It's a way of getting special needs students to interact more. But just when you though paying it forward stopped here at the school, guess again.

“We've been blessed; we've been blessed beyond belief with free equipment and stuff so we decided as a community and as a group to collectively pay it forward and giving back to other people,” said Wright.

Last year after hearing about the devastating tornado damage in Moore, Oklahoma, the school sent P.E. equipment to a local school, and people continued to collect caps.

In January, a fire destroyed Colonial Beach Elementary in Westmoreland County. Franklin County knew they just had to help.

“Other people helped us, other people bless us. So we figured it was time to give back to other communities and other people across the county,” said Wright.