Franklin County releases more information about scrap metal permit process

POSTED: 06:26 AM EST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 07:20 PM EDT Sep 10, 2013 

Franklin County is releasing more information about its scrap metal permit process.

The legislation went into effect in July. It requires people who regularly purchase or acquire second hand building materials to purchase a scrap metal dealer permit.

But not everyone in Franklin County will need to purchase the permit.

“The legislation that went into effect, does not affect those who want to turn in aluminum cans. It is primarily second hand building fixtures, wiring, and plumbing things like that,” Phillip Young, of Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, said.

You'll need a permit if you conduct transactions of more than 600 pounds combined weight or more than 26 transactions annually.

Remember it's up to each county to set the guidelines for scrap metal permits.